College Guys Getting Their Assholes Stretched To The Max

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College years can be a crazy time for young men. They’re supposed to be getting an education, but most of the time, that doesn’t come from the classroom or lecture hall. Right now viewers can save 64% with a discount and watch as wild parties turn into drunken fuck-fests. The content you’ll find here will make you wish you could go back to your days of youth and do it all over again.

This site claims that the content comes from a real fraternity somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. The young men were struggling to pay for their education, so they decided to start doing porn as a way to support themselves. There are more than 185+ videos in these archives. Keep in mind that these are amateur videos. Don’t expect studio quality with perfect angles and lighting. When it comes to the action, you’ll be treated to drunken gang bangs, wild threesomes, sloppy blowjobs, balls-deep anal penetration, and a whole lot more. You should be warned that the sex can get rather rough.